Tanakarn Monshupanee, Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Tanakarn Monshupanee, Associate Professor, Ph.D.

, Chulalongkorn University
Ph.D., Mahidol University 
Postdoctoral., Brown University & Syddansk Universitet

Office: Room 720, Science 10 Building 
Phone: 662-218-5416
Fax: 662-218-5418 


Conversion of green-house gas CO2 & solar energy to bioplastic and bioenergy by photosynthetic cyanobacteria.


  • Examination of relative amount of bioenergy (glycogen, lipids) and bioplastic PHB in cells
  • Determination of light energy and CO2 conversion to the bioproducts
  • Synthesis of novel bioplastic such as P(HB-co-HV)
  • Redirection of metabolites to bioplasticsynthesis using metabolic engineering 

Recent Publications



  • Taepucharoen, K.; Tarawat, S.; Puangcharoen, M.; Incharoensakdi, A.Monshupanee, T.. Production of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) under photoautotrophy and heterotrophy by non-heterocystous N2-fixing cyanobacterium. Bioresource Technology 2017, 239, 523-527.
  • Monshupanee T (CA), Nimdach P, Incharoensakdi, A.Two-stage (photoautotrophy and heterotrophy) cultivation enables efficient production of bioplastic poly-3-hydroxybutyrate in auto-sedimentingcyanobacterium. Scientific  Reports.2016. 6, 37121; doi: 10.1038/srep37121 (Q1, IF = 5.5)
  • Kaewbai-ngam A, Incharoensakdi A, Monshupanee T (CA).  Increased accumulation of polyhydroxybutyrate in divergent cyanobacteria under nutrient-deprived photoautotrophy: An efficient conversion of solar energy and carbon dioxide to polyhydroxybutyrate by Calothrixscytonemicola TISTR 8095, Bioresource Technology. 2016, 212, 342-34.(Q1, IF = 5.7)
  • Monshupanee T (CA), Incharoensakdi A. Enhanced accumulation of glycogen, lipids and
    polyhydroxybutyrate under optimal nutrients and light intensities in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. J ApplMicrobiol.2014, 116:830-8. (Q2, IF = 2.6) 
  • Monshupanee T (CA). Increased bacterial hemolytic activity is conferred by expression of TlyAmethyltransferase but not by its 2′-O-methylation of the ribosome. CurrMicrobiol.2013, 67:61-8. (Q3, IF = 1.6)
  • Monshupanee T (CA), Johansen SK, Dahlberg AE, Douthwaite S (CA). Capreomycin susceptibility is increased by TlyA-directed 2′-O-methylation on both ribosomal subunits. MolMicrobiol.2012, 85:1194-203. (Q1, IF = 5.3) 
  • Gregory ST, Demirci H, Belardinelli R, Monshupanee T, Gualerzi C, Dahlberg AE, Jogl G (CA). Structural and functional studies of the Thermusthermophilus 16S rRNAmethyltransferaseRsmG. RNA.2009, 15:1693-704. (Q1, IF = 5.2) 
  • Monshupanee T, Gregory ST, Douthwaite S, Chungjatupornchai W, Dahlberg AE (CA). Mutations in conserved helix 69 of 23S rRNA of Thermusthermophilus that affect capreomycin resistance but not posttranscriptional modifications.J Bacteriol.2008, 190:7754-61. (Q2, IF = 4.1) 
  • Monshupanee T, Fa-aroonsawat S, Chungjatupornchai W (CA). A cyanobacterial strain with all chromosomal rRNA operons inactivated: a single nucleotide mutation of 23S rRNA confers temperature-sensitive phenotypes. Microbiology.2006, 152:1417-25. (Q2, IF = 3.3)